DECaDE - Partnerships

DECaDE is led by the University of Surrey, in partnership with the University of Edinburgh and the Digital Catapult.

Digital Catapult Field Labs

DECaDE will deliver long-term horizontal impact across all sectors within the DE, as it transitions to a fully decentralised form in which data becomes a fluid, de-centralised commodity, shifting governance back to society and generating radical new opportunities for working and co-creating value. The Digital Catapult Field Labs are front and centre of DECaDE as the primary mechanism for co-creating this impact, engaging current (and future) end-users to co-create and translate research within a 'living lab’.

Partners & Collaborators

DECaDE is a National Hub for socio-technical research into the decentralised digital economy. We are excited to collaborate and co-create this research with new partners world-wide, and are currently engaging with the following partners and collaborators.